Saturday, 17 April 2010

NBA Play-Offs

Football Elite had two short-list bets today. Stuttgart won at 2.3, but Fulham were held to a 0-0 draw by Wolves, a team who have picked up as many points as Liverpool away from home this season!

The Sports Betting Professor's baseball tips went 2-1 yesterday, but to a 100 point stake (assuming 5% commission) they are down a massive 1126.17 points after a 14-24 start to the season.

He's back with an NBA selection today, as the play-offs get under way. Last year, the opening games of each series were split 4-4, and were 2-6 in 2008, and with the market typically heavily favouring every home team in the opening game, (the longest price is for the Celtics at 1.56, the shortest is the Cavaliers at 1.11), I will be looking at an initial lay of the home team. None of the weekend play-off games overlap, so there's a veritable feast of action ahead, and hopefully some close games. Not many NBA games see the favourite steadily descend to 1.01 which makes the NBA so perfect for trading.

Back to football, and Chelsea have drifted to 1.8 following their loss at Tottenham today. They've been backed as low as 1.13. A very exciting finish to the season.


Anonymous said...

Does the SBP tip things up based on betfair prices? Is he not American? He likely gets better prices (early) and doesn't have to pay 5% commission.

Might be completely wrong and wouldn't want to defend him but just wondering if you're figures make him look worse than he is.

Anonymous said...

I love all these traders who think that volatile in-running prices = free money.