Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sea-Legs No Handicap

The Sports Betting Professor's baseball selections are worse than I thought. He described the situation in terms of 'finding our sea-legs' but to a level stake of 100 points, his 31 selections for this season are currently 10-21 for a loss of 1196.05 points assuming 5% commission.

To the Anonymous poster who asked

"Aren't the SBP picks handicap as well? Makes it all the easier!",
the answer is no, none of them are. They are all Money Line bets. Someone needs to read up on baseball betting!

It was also not a question of calculating whether the selections were in profit or not, but a question of determining just how much in the red they were. As I said a few days ago, with my son here, priorities are changed and calculating the P&L on tips that I haven't asked for, paid for or backed is not high on that list of priorities.

17 of his 33 selections to date were underdogs, including 13 of the last 17. A definite trend in the last few days away from the favourite. I wonder why?

The regular NBA season finishes tonight will all but two teams involved. Several games are meaningless, with top players resting for the play-offs and rookies looking to impress, while a few have play-off implications. Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz looks to be the top game for trading with the Jazz (1.51) possibly finishing as high as second in the West or as low as fifth.

With so many games being played in a rather less intense manner than might usually be the case, the overs in many games could be a good bet. The Los Angeles game for example.

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