Friday, 16 April 2010

Send Her Viktoria's

Viktoria Azarenka seems to have picked up some bad words in her English classes.

Most of you probably know what happened in her match earlier this week against Christina McHale, (opened 1.07, drifted pre-game to 1.43, then drifted out despite winning the first set before, surprise, retiring hurt). Here are her comments on the 'scandal' from Twitter:

hello everyone! i had to retire from my match today, because of my injury i got in marbella! too bad i didnt have enough time to get it better

tried to do everything possible,but unfortunately i couldnt do going back to europe now to continue treatment and hopefully i will be ready very soon!

now from the internet i read some nasty things about me and my match today! specially from my own country! its a for people who think i tanked the match or whatever they certainly dont have a fucking clue what they talking about... and rules of wta tour
The rules she mentions are the WTA requirements whereby, as a top 10 player, she has to play a number of non-Premier events or she gets fined. 

Hardly a surprise that, less than fully fit, she fulfils her obligation but not wanting to risk further damage, pulls out early on.


evision said...

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Anonymous said...

What people often forget when crying "fix" is that similar situations occurred before the age of betfair and before the age of betting.

Personally, I'd be surprised if Azarenka knew about the one set completion rule on betfair.

Inside knowledge at play in this market for sure. Fix, no sir.

There's nothing wrong with inside knowledge. And everyone knew she had an injury problem.

Reminds me in some ways of the Weymouth v Rushden game last year when some people knew Weymouth were playing their youth team and took full advantage. A fine and fair example of inside knowledge at work. But there was supposedly some sort of betting investigation into it.

Information is king. Those without it cry "fix"

Anonymous said...

I think the point is being missed. The price was constantly going up even when a set and a break up which wouldnt happen in a normal market, and this is not the first time this has happened with Vicky and as for the fine for missing a tournament she can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it wasn't a betting scam, it was circumstantial. There's a big difference. Those in the know took advantage - fair play to them.

Unprofessional Gambler said...

I agree that it was circumstantial on this occasion. Insider knowledge will obviously move the price in directions that could be considered abnormal. The people in the know are lumping on at points they might not usually make an entry or exit skewing the price if your trying to trade it as standard with a view to the match reaching completion.