Sunday, 4 April 2010


A busy weekend for Football Elite, with five Recommended Bets and five on the short-list. The short-list results continue to out perform the Recommended Bets with four winners at 2.05, 2.1, 2.54 and 3.6 while the Recommended Bets had just one winner at 3.35. Birmingham City was actually a rare Draw No Bet selection so money back there.

Overall since signing up the Recommended Bets are 30W, 30D, 12L for a loss (assuming 5% commission) of 24.02 to a level stake of 10, and the Short-List bets are 39W 34D 18L for a profit of 113.83.

The tips from the Sports Betting Professor keep coming, four winners from the last seven selections, and excluding the Celtics -1 tip which arrived well after the game was underway! Overall to level stakes, this service is currently slightly down, but a winner on their game to come tonight would see their overall record go to profit.

And baseball is but a couple of hours away. Last summer was my best ever for this sport, although most of the profits came late in the season during the play-off games, when a lot of matches saw late comebacks. I just checked the spreadsheet to see how April went last year and opening day saw a profit - of 2p, so I'm reasonably confident of beating that total!

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