Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pay Up Pompey, Pompey Pay Up

A friend drew my attention to an item buried near the bottom of Portsmouth "City" FC's Creditors' Report. Sandwiched between "Security Costs" and "VAT Receivable" is a strange item: "Ransom Payments". For £308.50!

Most businesses that survive insolvency are obliged to meet the demands of key creditors who may attempt to obtain force majeure (or ransom) payments in order to guarantee their continued support, so it may be as boring as this, but I hope not. Sounds like a good story.

And when did Portsmouth FC become Portsmouth City FC? 20th May 1999 apparently. They kept that quiet.

In other news, this from the Guardian:

Metin Tolan, a physics professor at the University of Dortmund, claims to have devised a 'complex' mathematical formula which shows Germany will win the World Cup this summer. "It is very simple, all my calculations prove this," he parped. "The last time we won the World Cup was back in 1990 and there have been four tournaments since. The average finishing place of the team is 3.7 and [they] win the title every fourth or fifth World Cup. Nobody can beat us this year and you can already put the champagne on ice."
At 15.5 on the exchanges, I'm all-in on Germany. Or maybe not. It may all be "very simple", but perhaps just a little too simple.

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CSL said...

I'd speculate it was a typo and was supposed to say 'Random Payments'.
Still funny though!