Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Stalker The Devil

Whether or not Anonymous is a stalker (or a stalk mauler for that matter) or not, he keeps returning to the blog to amuse with his simplistic comments, and an uncanny ability to miss the point.

The latest is that he's not so impressed with 3 winners from 3 bets. Well, nor would I be if they were all at 1.01, but Football Elite had winners on Sunday at 2.54, 2.26 and 2.38 which combined with laying the Blackburn v Manchester United draw at 1.54 was a very good day by most peoples standards. Whether or not this is 'spectacular', the word I used to describe the day, is of course a matter of opinion, but I'm happy to call it that. The accumulated odds on all four were 38-1 - better odds than Anonymous or his professional Roulette players can expect on any one spin of the wheel!

Football Elite have certainly shown that they are finding value. Combining the Recommended Bets with the Short List bets, after 171 selections we are up 119.93 to a 10 point stake after assuming 5% commission.

Despite not having paid a penny for them, I'm still getting the Sports Betting Professor tips. Although he has stopped with the NBA for the remainder of the regular season, (he may have read my post a few days ago commenting on the fact that at this time of year the form becomes unreliable) he has been sending out the MLB picks. I'll review these at some point, but if yesterday's selections are anything to go by, it's not too impressive with no less than six losers from seven selections.

By the way, the mention of the SBP having read my blog and being influenced by it was tongue in cheek - as are a few other things I say. Always fun when the joke goes right over someone's head though.


Anonymous said...

I presume I must be right in assuming that Man Utd were the only short list selection of the day then?

Anonymous said...

Trouble is Cassini you say how wonderful you are but there is not a shred of evidence.

You are quick to question other blogs but thoughtfully ignore questions on your own credibility.

Sleazynick said...

The selection was actually to bet on the blackburn win, however a lay of man utd at such short odds was probably the better option to go with and the one i myself did.

Im sure "anonymous" is the writer of another blog who is a bit jealous he doesnt get the hits or attention thats yours does. Thats the only scenario that would make sense, as a casual reader wouldnt be so anal.

Anonymous said...

I imagine casinni's own ratings would have predicted a MU win by one goal so he would probably have plunged on that as well had he not lost his data.

Anonymous said...

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Cassini said...

Yes, the only short list bet of the day was Blackburn v Manchester United, for which Cassini's ratings would most likely have predicted a 0-0 draw.

Also the short list bets are just that - they are not recommended. The precise wording is this:

"For any newcomers these are bets that made my shortlist as ones of interest but didn't make the cut as a recommended bet. I am tracking results to see if these shortlisted bets are also profitable. I wouldn't recommend betting on these at the moment as there isnt yet enough results in the book to know if they are going to be profitable long term or not" so a more conservative approach to these seems reasonable to me.