Sunday, 18 April 2010

Freak Result

Limited opportunities on the first day of the NBA play-offs with all home teams winning as favourites and all covering the spread. Perhaps today's match-ups will offer better trading fare.

I got somewhat distracted from the games myself when I happened upon a baseball game where someone wanted to back at 1.01 at the top of the fourth innings with the score at 5-0. Not just back with the often seen couple of thousand but with over ₤330k.

Now I know the bet lost, and it cost me the ₤1,200 that I was prepared to risk, but there is no way that 1.01 at that stage of the game was a value back. Tim Lincecum is a great pitcher, and looked to be in good form, but even so. As it turned out, the San Francisco Giants added four more and the Los Angeles Dodgers were unbelievably poor only briefly looking like doing anything, but for me the upside of six figures was huge. While ₤1.2k is a lot to lose on one play, and I'm never happy at losing, I have no regrets over the decision. I still believe it was the right one at that stage of the game.

The Chinese Grand Prix is about to begin. Small stakes only, but Vettel and Red Bull look good, whereas Ferrari and Alonso at 7.0 are looking very layable with their problems. The anticipated rain will liven things up.

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Anonymous said...

In yesterday's blog you're laying all the home teams at the start.

In today's blog there were "limited opportunities"

Presumably you still had, and took, the opportunity to do it in by laying pre-match.