Friday, 4 March 2011

Back To Back In London

With the Borussia Dortmund v Koln game producing a scoreless first quarter, I locked in a profit on the Over/Under, and a smaller profit on the Match Odds market after laying pre-game at 1.33 and trading out at 1.44 when a Dortmund goal started to look inevitable. It finally came just before Half-time but by then the Nets v Raptors game was under-way. In the end, my expectation of a low scoring game (Dortmund v Koln) was correct, and I should have left it alone.

Lecce v AS Roma was looking good for the draw until a 90' penalty, for the second consecutive week in Serie A I might add, scuppered a win. Overall a profit, but a winner at 3.5 would have made it an excellent night rather than a so-so night.

Strong draws for this weekend are Auxerre v Paris St Germain, Real Mallorca v Valencia, Borussia Moenchengladbach v Hoffenheim and Juventus v AC Milan.

Weaker draws are Newcastle United v Everton, Liverpool v Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers v Tottenham Hotspur strangely all from the EPL.

For home value picks, which stank last week, I like Birmingham City (2.48) v West Bromwich Albion, Nuremberg (1.92) v St Pauli and Chievo (2.42) v Parma.

For the record, Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster picks are West Ham v Stoke Draw @ 3.20, Newcastle v Everton (3.20) and Fulham v Blackburn (3.40).

The London NBA game saw the Raptors trade at 1.7 after opening at around 2.32. Not a huge swing by NBA standards, and the same two teams go at it again tomorrow.

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