Thursday, 3 March 2011

Clippered Wings

My day got off to a disappointing start this morning with my back of the Houston Rockets (when superstar Blake Griffin picked up his fifth foul) not working out and going on to lose me a fair amount. It's a very thin line between success and failure. One minute Houston are a point down with the ball and fail to score, and seconds later they foul a three-point shooter and instead of leading by one, are down by four. Late in the game, those breaks will kill you.

Anyway, aware that my mood was not its usual bright and cheery self, Mrs. Cassini asked me "What makes you feel better after a loss", and for me, in a word, it's "perspective". Losing 700 is annoying, I can't deny that, but in the whole scheme of things, it's really irrelevant. The stock market makes or loses me more than that amount most days, and as a percentage of my account balance, 700 it's in the 2.5% range - I know, I keep far too much in there for reasons previously explained.

Life is good. Those close to me have their health, there's food on the table, so what the hell annoyed me so much? I really think it was the manner in which the bet lost. Houston SHOULD have taken the lead, and SHOULD have won. But they didn't. It happens. I still think it was a value bet, but some losses, one almost takes personally. I'm still up over a thousand on the week, and while I would rather have had three days of solid profits, the end result is the same, and maybe I should pat myself on the back for the PC reducing element of the loss.

Getting upset about one losing bet is just silly. The time to get upset is if it becomes apparent that my ability to find an edge is gone, which may well happen one day. I'm not getting any younger. I mentioned earlier, and stress isn't good for you. The top things you can do to maintain your health are, I have it on good authority, don't smoke, don't drink too much, don't be a fat bastard, exercise, eat more vegetables and fruits, and maintain a positive attitude.

And on that note, let me tell you about the good news on the Premium Charge…


Unknown said...

Back to your post on 31st December.

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