Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Marmite Blog

I am still awaiting the large cheque from Greed All Over to compensate me for infringing on my blog name, but he did have this to say:

Well a mention on Cassini's blog and added to his blogroll at least, sadly means I'll have to try write something interesting now.

Guess I can hardly deny the blog title hasn't been slightly influenced by the great (sic) man's blog but hey what can you do when you're looking for a snappy trading slogan as a title and it's already been taken. The title was also influenced by reading John O'Dwyer's recent descent from hero to zero within a few weeks ranging from denial to almost begging for cash on the Betfair forum. Just goes to show greed always catches up with you eventually.

Can't be many betting bloggers out there that haven't come across Cassini's blog . He does seem to have become very much a marmite blogger that you either love or hate, although I imagine his tongue's firmly in his cheek in a lot of what he posts.
Marmite? For a start, I have always been more of a Bovril man, but can there seriously be anyone out there who doesn't love this blog? OK, maybe Anonymous is upset at losing his forum, but it was after several warnings to keep things civil, and there's always one as my old Mum says and John O'Dwyer may not like my advice, although it's hardly my fault that he isn't ready to accept it at this time. Perhaps at some point in the future, he will look back and think "You know, that Cassini really gave me some good advice. I should really give him a small (or large) percentage of my profits achieved from disciplined betting with stakes proportionate to my true betting bank".

As for 'tongue-in-cheek', I don't even know what that means. I'm an IT nerd, with an unhealthy fascination with numbers, and the ability to spot a typo before turning to the page it's on (almost) which has led to the suggestion that I may be borderline autistic - but at the incredibly high-functioning part of the autistic spectrum of course. So readers can rest assured that my tongue remains centrally positioned just behind both of my teeth at all times.

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