Sunday 27 March 2011

Graeme Dand (Nap)

After reading what is quite possibly the longest post in recorded blog history by Graeme Dand, aka The Football Analyst, I looked at an earlier comment of mine over there to see if Graeme had replied. My comment was that I planned to read from the beginning some time soon - Graeme's reply?:

Cheers Cassini. It won't take too long to catch up with historical posts. I tried my best to not write too much this season as I wasn't sure the blog would last until Christmas, let alone the end of the season!
Yeah, well if that's Graeme's idea of 'not writing too much', I sure hope he doesn't get the writing bug any time soon. I had to take a short nap in the middle of that last one, and at my age that's something I try to avoid, in case I don't wake up from it.

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Graeme Dand said...

When I saw this blog title post on my phone, I had to come online to take a read!

Yeah, I did say that the historical posts may not take too much time to catch up on. The more recent posts may take a bit longer though. The first half of this season was purely about checking whether any of my pre-season work had paid off! The second half of this season is about trying to improve on what I've done so far.

The summer is going to be fun I suspect as with no games to track, I'll have plenty of time for more analysis! :)

You must remember some of my posts from my old blog Cassini. I can write a fair bit when I get started!