Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Goodness

I just checked the Premium Charge portal for this week, and somehow my Total Charges percentage has dropped to 19.91 from 19.96 last week. I could have done with the Academy Awards taking place a few hours earlier! So with the end of February, my profits for the first two months of the year are just 1.6% off last year's total and I can't complain about that.

Football Elite started the month off with a loser yesterday as Espanyol threw away a lead at home to Mallorca and followed that today with Real Sociedad, who gave up a relatively (77') late goal. Not a good start to the month after a strong February, and as has been commented on elsewhere, this part of the season is not particularly strong for FE so it may be time to reduce the stakes.

With the Arsenal v Leyton Orient game not offering a lot in the way of value, I watched Schalke '04 win at Bayern Munich to show that the Bundeslayga system also works in cup matches, although a sample of one is perhaps a little small to draw any firm conclusions from.

St. Patrick's Day came early and luckily for me I stayed well out of the way with Ireland being matched at 400 on Betfair in-play. "England traded at 1.01 for £2.7 million, 1.02 for £2.18 million and plenty of other huge sums at prohibitively short prices". My goodness, my Guinness, as the advert used to say.

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Simon Davis said...

After SportingOptions I would never leave all my money in Betfair.