Friday, 28 February 2014

When The Smog Clears, UCLA

I mentioned 'laying low' as one of my favourite strategies in my earlier post, and here is an example from last night of how it can pay off.

With 1.3 seconds left, it didn't look good, but the thing with these low risk / high reward plays is that I'm quite comfortable with taking a loss when the bet was value. I'm not exactly happy to take the loss, but I'm ok with it. In the event, UCLA tied the game up with a three-pointer as the clock hit zeroes, and the game went to double-overtime.

Unfortunately Oregon eventually prevailed winning 87-83, but two overtime periods and all the stoppages that go with those ten minutes, provided plenty of time to lock in a consolation win, even if the preferred outcome didn't transpire.
There was some bloodshed in the Totals market too - with Under 155.5 points looking a certainty, 1.01 traded, but with overtime points counting, the game ended up going Over.

Lay low, you never know. Very catchy.

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