Thursday, 20 February 2014

FTL: Update and 2014-15

Yet one more correction to last weekend's results, (we all have our bad days), but it was a significant one resulting in Jamie A moving up into second place for the prize money at the expense of Webbo. Poor Jamie must be thinking I am singling him out, but it did make me feel better that he claimed a winner on a draw selection which finished 1:0. It's nice to be right occasionally.

The midweek games in England meant there were a few selections in play, and while I wasn't planning on a separate update, since I was in there making corrections anyway, I might as well publish an update for those entries:
The midweek warriors were Hofs Hackers who lost a point, Faifranco who dropped two, The Football Analyst* who lost 1.72 points, and ForzaFizzer, who lost 1.03 points. Crawley Town were a popular selection, but the match was postponed.

Is it too early to ask if there might be any interest out there in an FTL for next season? It's a lot of work, although significantly less now that Neil has changed his strategy!, but since the updating isn't time sensitive, it's not been an issue fitting it in around my other interests. 

The rules will be basically the same as this season with a few tweaks perhaps. I'm thinking about doubling the entry fee, with half returned so long as losses and ROI% don't exceed double figures. It might encourage more seasoned campaigners rather than novices more full of hope than anything else, although at least one big name would fall through the trapdoor were this rule already in place for this season. 

Wooden spoon's money goes to charity is another thought - perhaps the National Association of Retired Police Officers, (NARPO*), which is a particular favourite of mine right now.

Any comments / thoughts / suggestions for improvements? 

Perhaps Graeme would like to provide sponsorship again? I keep getting emails from stupid Online Casinos offering me money for an ad, so a mention every week through the football season must be worth something to someone out there.

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Graeme Dand said...

I’d definitely be up for getting involved next season again Cassini.

Unless you get any other sponsors offering something better, happy to put some money up again similar to this season to provide an increased incentive for others to join. Probably link to it my own performance again and given my performance this season, not sure people need much more incentive to join. Will be like taking sweeties off a kid! :(

Wouldn’t be against everyone paying you a small admin fee as part of the entry fee either considering the work you do.

I’d also not be against more stringent rules to make your updates easier. From what you say, it seems to me some people drip feed bets to you and not sure my email box could handle this! I’d make it all bets need to be sent at once for each set of fixtures. Hence, one update from each entrant for midweek games and one update for weekend games. There have been a few times on a Saturday morning when I have been placing bets and some teams have drifted wildly from a Thursday and they’d be qualifying bets on this system in the FTL this season but I haven’t bothered to send them (probably wise given my negative ROI this season!). I do think for a league like this, it’s not asking much for people to provide one update for each fixture set.

I also wouldn’t be against anyone from my own service doing unique things with the TFA bets to enter the league as long as it’s made clear their system is based on my ratings and bets. Not sure anyone would be up for it but I can always ask! Given they have an opportunity to show me up, they might jump at the chance! ;)



Jamie said...

I might be up for getting involved next season - depends on the end of season P/L. That's assuming i'm still welcome after the barrage of emails i've been giving. I jest. It wasn't that bad was it?

I did ask Cassini near the start of the season if he had a preferred layout for submissions. I would think that would make the processing of results easier.

As Graeme says price movements might make other bets become selections, which is true of everybody.

I decided to use an exchange price at kick-off to determine my selection. Maybe people think this gave an unfair advantage but my main motivation for this method was that I now have a log of exchange kick-off prices. I would have changed the method had I been asked to, but that wasn't the case until now.


Hejik said...

I am keen on getting involved next season Cassini although I generally don't get too busy until mid-September.

I think there's certainly a case for some clear "rules" though and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

stewboss said...

I think it's time Football Investor came to the party next season. I'd be happy to put up a prize maybe shared with TFA?