Wednesday 26 February 2014


Messing up on Jamie A's numbers is becoming a weekly occurrence, but fortunately Jamie is a most honest chap, rather like myself, and he took himself out of the prize money by querying my total for him. Here is the revised portion of the table:

A few contenders had selections in last night's games, but one update a week is enough. It occurred to me that this blog hasn't mentioned sports other than football for a while, so here goes.

Despite changing markets, there are still opportunities to skin the NBA cat by following strategies previously revealed on this blog. Last night / this morning saw the Minnesota Timberwolves value (in my opinion) as 3.5 underdogs at over-achievers Phoenix Suns.
Phoenix travels to Utah tonight, and a pre-game lay of the visitors is in order as they tend to start slow. The last three games they have lost the first quarter every time before waking up for the middle two periods:
The revelation that the NBA is looking at the possibility of a 4 point shot was interesting, but somehow I can't see it being a serious discussion. 

Still in the US, and Spring Training opened in baseball yesterday with a game between the New York Yankees and college team Florida State (who included quarterback Jameis Winston in their team). The pros won, and the NHL is back tonight. I make that three major US sports, plus a couple of college sports! 

Finally, from the world of Twitter yesterday came this gem, re-tweeted by Ian Erskine:
And this not such a pleasant Tweet from PGA homophobe golfer Steve Elkington: 

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