Tuesday, 18 February 2014

FTL Update 18.2.14

A quieter weekend than usual, with the EPL taking a break, but we had several entries trying their luck with mixed fortunes. Six entries, out of 22, are still in profit, with the four money places occupied by, in descending order, Skeeve, Webbo, Jamie A, and the XX Draws.

The bottom three all climbed up one place at the expense of Hofs Hackers, who started the weekend with three winners, and then hit a losing run which currently sits at 11. Here are the 'showing a small loss' group:
Despite being inactive, Fedslam moved up a couple of places, while the XX Draws (Unders) dropped two places. 

The remaining ten, those down by double-digits, saw little change in positions with many inactive this weekend. The Football Analyst dropped another two points and his bounty liability remains at £225 with nine qualifying entries still ahead of him. Rubicon tried his luck on draws but came up blank from four selections.
Plenty of games this midweek, but in the interests of that precious commodity time, I shall probably lump those results in with next weekend's. 


Anonymous said...

Should get Hejik on next season

Neil said...

Come on now Jonny don't be hiding behind an anonymous tag.

Would love to see Hejik on board, as long as you don't join we will be alright as I don't fancy being the subject of Crimewatch every month if results don't go your way and I happen to pass a comment that you don't like :-)