Tuesday 25 February 2014

Wooden Spoon Stirs It Up

The latest FTL table doesn't make for pleasant viewing, unless you are Skeeve or Cassini, with no entries outside of these two currently in profit on the season.
The Cassini Value Selections added 1.65 points with two winners from three, while Skeeve found four winners from five for a 1.28 point profit. The Bundeslayga selections had three winners from four and made 2.41 points on the weekend. The latter were the big gainers of the weekend in terms of places, moving up five spots and into second prize money place.
Notable is the fact that the top four are also the lowest of the active entrants in terms of selections, quality not quantity perhaps.
The 'still in contention' group was joined by The Football Analyst,who picked up 7.4 points to reduce his bounty by £75 to £150. It wasn't a good weekend for draw-hunters with the XX Draws dropping three places, and Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster dropping one spot.
And in the 'strugglers' section of the table, no real changes, but some big names still languishing. Football Elite made a small loss, but has been mentioned previously, the way I record P&L on Draw No Bet selections penalises Matt when he has a selection win, so his numbers are likely to be more favourable.
Peter Nordsted's habit of putting several eggs in one basket again proved costly, as the Liverpool v Swansea City game was not the tight affair predicted. My joke about Peter renaming his service "Championship Betting" for next season might turn out to be more portentous than I thought.

As for next season, there has been more interest in a second season of the FTL. I may have to start a waiting list. Emp has resolved his PayPal issues and is raring to go, confident that he can perform as strongly again next season as he did this season before time expired on the money being due.

Danny Murphy wants to get the World Cup out of the way first, while Neil, dreaming of holding his wooden spoon, writes:
As the "wooden spoon winner in waiting" for this season, I would confirm that I will certainly be entering again next season.
I have always used this competition to test out new strategies and needless to say that so far this season I have failed to find a winning one!
I now have a few months to come up with a plan for next season, I happy to pay a bit more to cover admin costs etc and it is great to see that there is so much interest in sponsorship.
Keep up the good work mate, don't let the king of the trolls AKA "Jonny Fart Pants" get you down, although you are helping him out a lot with his viewing stats on his website of "essays" or reams of back fitted waffle :-)
Might I suggest that anyone considering entering next season test out their new strategies first? I know the entry fee was only £25 but we're not into throwing money away.

As for "Jonny Fart Pants", I have no idea who Neil means, and it takes a lot to get me down. There was a Jonny Grosmark/Grossmark in my life once, and he was full of hot air, but he has stated publicly that he no longer reads this blog. Yes, I was down about that loss for a while, (readers are like family to me), but I got over it when I saw how many hits this blog was now getting, plus all my new followers on Twitter following his 119 (so far) tweets mentioning me!

Mind you, Jonny also stated publicly that he has had two interviews with the police about my linking to a Hejik blog post, and I found this in my Spam folder from several days ago:
I think he may have meant that I am a 'wit'. There are a few other 'facts' poor Jonny is not certain about. As some of you may have noticed, his email name above has one 's' in Grosmark, yet other times he uses two. No wonder he's a confused young man. I await the news that the police have been contacted as this "blog" (I think he means post) might need "to be removed in terms of stopping me getting work in the future in the proof-reading industry" although either the police aren't too interested or Jonny's pants are on fire.

The big problem Jonny has, is that of credibility. When you have a history of making up stories, saying you will do things and then not doing them, generally being known as a nuisance (to keep it polite) and you have a record of sending over 90,000 tweets, no one with an ounce of common sense is going to take you seriously, and sending another hundred tweets is self-defeating. As an aside, some of you may find this 'true story' from Jonny amusing (and no, it didn't interest me):
For the record, the Ligue 1 game tonight between Bordeaux and Lorient offers little value. My prices are below, and with the exchanges at 2.03, 3.375 and 4.7 (Home, Draw, Away) and 1.675 / 2.49 on the U/O 2.5 goals market, there is no bet triggered tonight. 


Neil said...

Blimey mate, I have just noticed that the Fruit Loop Jonnnnny Grosssssmark has just discovered (he is as sharp as a tack this one) that the XX Draws is a subscription service and has gone into Twitter Spam overload in telling everybody or should I say anybody who will listen that the said service is not in profit this season.

You have clearly attracted the attention of a complete madman who has little else to do other than sit at his keyboard all day and half of the night repeating Tweet after Tweet and devising warped conspiracy theories.

Jonnnnnny Boy I know you are reading this even though you claim to have "stopped", please go and seek some psychiatric help as you complete obsession with the author of this blog is both worrying and also slightly sinister.

You are not being "targeted" it is simply a case of your actions, claims and threats giving Cassini lot's of material for blog posts, you are making it very easy for him to ridicule you, so here is an idea - Forget about him and move on with your life :-)

StormyTrader said...

Followed Jonny on twitter a while ago until it became clear what a tedious bastard he is with his relentless tweeting. Sad he's got you in his sights Cassini, as he's clearly a lonely enough soul to spend all his hours targeting you!