Thursday 17 April 2014

FTL Update 16.April.2014

A little later than usual, but I thought I'd include the midweek matches in this update too. Without further ado, here is the profitable section of the FTL:

Only one change in position, although Webbo was saved by the draw at Manchester City tonight. The Cassini Value Selections had another good weekend making 4.83 points from eight selections.
It's a dangerous time of year with motivation questionable, and there was an interesting exchange of views before the games about the merits, or otherwise, of some of the selections. A 28% ROI from 100+ selections is far above my expectations, and with 5 of the 6 wins being by one goal, perhaps luck was on my side last weekend. An early dismissal at Swansea City certainly helped.

Skeeve came up empty, but the loss was limited to 2 points by the FTL format. Small losses for XX Bundeslayga and Fedslam.

The red section looks like this:
Hofs Hackers were the big movers, moving up two places, but also a good weekend for Peter Nordsted whose Drawmaster selections were up 1.42 points (and up one place) and his Premier Betting Account Bets moved off the bottom losing just 0.25 points. The Football Analyst made a small profit and needs a strong finish to trim the bounty liability which remains unchanged. 

Not FTL related, but some of you might be interested in this article I wrote last December explaining why Crystal Palace would survive. 


Brian H said...

That one result made up for a disappointing week for me. It could be good luck but I like to think value pays over the long term and if it wasn't that biggun it will have been another at some point.

What doesn't pay however is forgetting to place the bets myself. Those 2 games weren't listed when I did the predictions on Friday and placed most of my bets... damn you Pinnacle!

Unknown said...

Still can't believe Palace have stayed up! Talk about confounding the odds, a four fold Acca to beat Chelsea, Cardiff, Villa and Everton would have paid 741/1. Just shows the difficulty of the task and the amazing level of performance Palace have managed in recent weeks.

Palace and Liverpool have been two very refreshing stories this season. No one talks about Liverpool being overbacked anymore!