Sunday 20 April 2014

Motivation And Perception

I am off to San Francisco tomorrow, so expect a delay in this week's FTL update and posts in general. A quick look at today's results show that the Cassini Value Selections had a bad weekend with all four selections losing. Unfortunately at this time of year, motivation is a factor and three dead-rubber matches in Serie A all lost and Levante, with nothing to play for, where held by Getafe, with everything to play for. Whether the motivation factor is real or an example of perceived wisdom being wrong is a good topic for debate. Football Elite's Matt produced some numbers in his email this week that it is the latter, but the minuscule sample size today didn't add anything to that finding unfortunately.

Not too many draws still, (8 from 28) but the XX Draws and others had a few hits in England, Wales and Spain today. On last week's Draw update, Betslayer commented:
You have missed off sotdoc / sotdraw, how did he do?
Although these selections are not in the FTL, I did take a look and it was another losing weekend for them - down 0.7 points for a running total of -25.19 and a negative ROI of -33.14%.

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Lay Away said...

Now you have done it... "SoTDraw will no longer be providing draw picks on and I would like to thank SotDraw for doing an excellent job this season.

It is a relief that SoTdraw is stopping as the misrepresentation of Sotdraw’s brilliant work ( for free ) on the green all over blog site was boring me rigid ."

Dear oh dear what have you done, how will the World survive without these selections each week?

I can only assume that SoTdraw was in fact just another pseudonym of Jonny Fart Pants and that the dummy has been well and truly spit.. AGAIN.

I would like to thank Mr. Fart Pants for providing us with some excellent entertainment over the past few months with his numerous Twitter meltdowns, keep up the good work Farty the men in the white coats will be along soon..