Tuesday 8 April 2014

FTL Update 8.Apr.14

The weekend’s 49 top European matches are now in the books, and yet another below average number of draws. England saw none, Italy and Spain just one each, Germany two (from their nine fixtures) and only in France did we see an above average four draws. Overall, 8 draws from our (ok, my) pool of 49 matches and just 16.3%. It’s a challenging environment for the draw seekers among us, with the season’s benchmark of backing all draws priced at sub 4.0 currently down -38.42

The XX Draws found just two draws out of fifteen selections and dropped 7.94 points. Peter Nordsted’s Drawmaster found one from 6 dropping 2.62 while Jamie A changed tactics this weekend and also went hunting for draws. He picked a bad time and hit one from 12, and lost 8.62 points. Unofficial contender SOTDoc also hit one from 12 and lost another 8.79 points and the ROI now stands at -36%
Anyway, enough about draws. Here are the updates to the FTL (sponsored by TFA). The 'in-profit' part of the table now looks like this:
Skeeve had a 100% weekend finding four from four and closed the gap, but the Cassini Value Selections held on to their lead finding five winners from eight selections and making 3.21 points. Fedslam dropped a couple of places, as did the XX Bundeslayga selections, with Webbo moving up into the second money spot. Webbo has picked up 14.13 points in two weeks. The "in contention" portion of the table is actually falling out of contention with only the XX Draws under down by less than 10 points so the mid-section should be renamed to the "not-really-in-contention" group and includes those down by less than 20 points.
Fairfranco was the big mover here picking up 5.37 points, but of the other active players, it was all red. Hofs Hackers picked one winner from 13, the Draw hunters have already been whined about, and Football Elite had a 100% losing weekend, which brings us to the bottom of the table.
Again, all red with one notable exception. Punters' Friend Neil hit his second winning week in a row and moves off the bottom of the table for the first time since January. The recovery may be a little late to challenge for prize money, but Neil's joy is now Peter Nordsted's shame, as his Premier Betting Account Bets (Official selections) drop to last place with a negative ROI of over 20%. The modified selections for the FTL and using Pinnacle's prices are better in terms of points lost, -44.91, but the ROI on these is even worse at almost 25%. The good news is that somewhere, in an anti-universe, Peter's selections are probably up by the same amount. 

Graeme made a small loss of 0.27 points, and the bounty liability remains the same at £275.

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Unknown said...

For a man whose illustrous ancestor Giovanni Domenico Cassini famously had the measure of France, your troubles in Ligue 1 do indeed disappoint.

Could it be that much like when British Rail had the wrong kind of snow, you are currently suffering the wrong kind of draw in France???