Tuesday 29 April 2014

No Place To Hyde

With the finishing line in sight, here are the numbers from the latest round of matches. The top six 'in-profit' entries remain the same, although Webbo dropped a couple places with the XX Bundeslayga and Fedslam selections moving up one place each.

The one Cassini Value Selection won for a profit of 1.47 points as Sampdoria (priced by my spreadsheet at 1.96) came from behind to beat Chievo Verona with a 90th minute goal. Skeeve went for an unusual final day selection of Overs in the Hyde v Luton Town match. With Hyde already guaranteed last place on 10 points before the game, and Luton guaranteed first place on 98 points, this game must be a record for a league game points differential, or close to it (excluding point deductions). Anyway, a day for Overs it was not as Luton ended their Conference career with a 1:0 win. The five Bundeslayga qualifiers produced three winners for a 2.04 point profit, Fedslam was inactive and Webbo had just one winner from ten selections dropping 4.72 points. 

There are now three entries in the 'close-to-profit' part of the table, i.e. down by single figures, and they are:
The XX Draws (Unders) had a good weekend with 10 winners from 14 selections, and a profit of 5.31 points, while The Football Analyst continued his strong finish with another 3.30 points. The liability remains at £125.

And finally, the red section of the table: 
A 2.89 point profit (5 winners from 14) for the XX Draws moved these up two places and for the first time (I think) this season, all four Cassini categories were in profit on the same weekend. Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster found two draws from four selections and made 3.02 points. Football Elite (2.00 points) and Punter's Friend Neil (1.15 points) were also profitable, while Jamie A, Rubicon, Peter Nordsted's Premier Betting and Fairfranco all made losses of varying size).

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