Thursday 3 April 2014

Here Be Dragons

In the whole scheme of possible health issues, a back sprain is pretty low on the scale, but having done myself such an injury during a lunchtime run on Thursday, I have to say it is very painful and restrictive and the drugs prescribed don't seem  to be helping too much either. (They send me to sleep, but the pain persists during my waking hours). One plus is that I now have a lot more sympathy for my 80+ year old parents and their difficulties when exiting from cars. All this is a long-winded way of explaining why I have been a little quiet on here for the past few days despite being unable to go to work - just sitting down for more than a few minutes was most uncomfortable.

Feeling a little stronger this morning, so without further ado, here are the weekend updates for the FTL, and it does make for brighter reading for most entrants.

The "In Profit" entries are back up to six, and they are:

Every one of the six made profits, the big winners being Webbo and Fedslam who both made their fortunes tipping Crystal Palace to beat Chelsea. More of the same please boys. Fedslam moves up from £75 to within range of £225 in one fell swoop. Leaders Cassini Value Selections had two out of three, with West Bromwich Albion appearing to have the hat-trick all set with a 2:0 and then a late 3:2 lead, but they couldn't hold off the mighty Reds, aka Cardiff City Dragons or whatever their identity is these days. Skeeve had a profitable weekend too, and the unglamorous Bundeslayga selections made another small profit thanks mostly to Bayer Leverkusen dropping points at home to bottom of the the table Eintracht Braunschweig.

The "In Contention" section continues to be small in number, just three, and dominated by the XX Draws:
With 7 draws from 13 selections, and two more going down to 87th minute goals, it was a long overdue good weekend for these, with the draws up 10.39 points and up four places. The Unders version made a small loss, as did Hofs Hackers, but they remain little changed in 7th and 8th respectively.

As for the remaining entries:
In terms of points, the big winner was The Football Analyst +6.18 points, (bounty liability down to £275) and Football Elite was robbed by his selection of Crystal Palace as a DNB selections which under FTL rules is recorded as a lay of Chelsea. I believe Matt's Official numbers are a lot better than those reflected here.

The only other profitable struggler was Punters' Friend Neil who made 2.57 points. The biggest loser of the weekend was Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster which dropped 2.56 points and three places, a total that would normally be quite reasonable but in a good week looks rather bad. In fact Peter had the next two worst returns as well, with his Official Premier Betting account bets dropping 1.85 points, and the modified FTL entries down by 0.82 points. Rubicon and Jamie A dropped 0.16 and 0.03 points.  After 5,000 bets for the season, the totals now look like this, but at least some 36.34 points better than the last update, and at this rate another ten rounds of matches and we'll be in profit:
Professionals sub-set lookslike this:

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