Saturday 10 May 2014

FTL Late Mayday Update

Very late with the updates, but it has been quite a week, dominated of course by Crystal Palace and their 1000-1 comeback on Monday night.   
The Cassini Value Selections extended their lead at the top of the FTL with two winners from four selections and a 0.85 points profit. Skeeve’s FTL entry is now in the books as the Conference is over, but his ‘Official’ play off selection of Gateshead to beat Grimsby added 0.58 points to his pot.

Webbo had a great weekend moving up two places with a 10.89 point profit and also into the green again were the XX Draws (Under) selections with nine winners from 12 selections and a 7.46 point profit. More on those 12 selections later.

The two Bundeslayga selections both lost while Fedslam was idle. Another weekend like this one, and Webbo will be looking at the £250 first place cash spot.

As for the lower reaches of the table, two entries are still within 10 points of profit, although The Football Analyst made a small loss of 1.01 points from 11 selections. His bounty liability remains at £125 and with just one round remaining in the EPL, Graeme may well be about done for the season with his pool of matches typically more the lower reaches of the English game than the top leagues. Two rounds remain in France, Italy and Spain with just one in Germany.
The worst entry of the week award goes to myself and the same 12 XX Draw selections which made 7.46 points bet as Unders but which backed as draws lost all 12. I console myself with the thought that value on the unders will, in the long term, translate to value on the draw, but one weekend is not long-term. The closest we came was a 90’ winner in Stuttgart, but with five selections in the Bundesliga and not a draw to be found, Germany was not a good place to be last weekend.

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but the latest matches in the top leagues again produced a lower than expected number of draws. Not one in Germany (from 9 matches), and just two (from 13) in England and two (from 10) in Italy. France was close to average with three from 10, while La Liga saw a veritable deluge – 1 from the first 7 matches, but subsequently four consecutively. Overall, 12 draws from 53 matches for anyone counting.

Barcelona’s 2:2 draw with Getafe was priced at 16.99 on Pinnacle, while Real Madrid’s two draws were also at long odds (10.4, 7.42) – in other words, the wrong type of draw, but Rubicon benefited from all three of them handsomely, making a weekly record profit of 30.95 points and climbing from 21st to 17th in one fell swoop.

Peter Nordsted’s Drawmaster suffered the same fate as the XX Draws, i.e. winless, although with just four selections, the damage was limited, while Jamie A, who is also targeting draws these days did fare pretty well, making a total profit on draws and Unders of 3.81 points.

Hofs Hackers had two losing selections.

Neil remains in 20th place behind Pete’s Premier Betting entries which both made small profits, helped by Crystal Palace’s remarkable comeback on Monday night versus Liverpool. Scott forwarded me a screenshot showing that the draw traded at 1000 on Betfair. Given the rarity of such an event, 1000 was probably a value lay, but that’s likely not much consolation to someone right now.

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