Tuesday 13 May 2014

Penultimate FTL Update

A light work load this weekend with the season winding down, and likely to be even lighter next weekend now that the top leagues in Germany and England are also in the books, the latter unsurprisingly being where the majority of interest is.

At the top, the Cassini selections fell victim to the 'nothing to play for' problem, and although two selections led (Southampton and Espanyol) neither could hold on and a loss of three points resulted. Skeeve season is over but he looks well placed to collect the £250 first cash prize. Premier League specialist Webbo's season may be over now too, closing his account with a small (1.1 points) loss, but looking pretty good for second cash prize of £125.

Fedslam made a small profit and swapped places with the Bundeslayga selections which ended the season on a negative note but once again, in the green. The other FTL entry in the green is the XX Draws Unders which added 2.5 points to their tally for the season, and with 30 games left from the selection pool these could yet take fourth cash place.

As for the remaining entries, Hofs Hackers moved up one place by staying idle, the result of The Football Analyst's one selection losing. Graeme may be done for the season also, in which case his bounty liability is likely to stay at £125.
Peter Nordsted's Drawmaster swapped places with idle Fairfranco making 2.86 points profit, while Rubicon took off last week's Big Winner t-shirt and replaced it with a Big Loser one after finding one winner and 19 losers. The XX Draws had another losing weekend (-3.3 points) while Premier Betting had mixed fortunes. The Official bets lost two points while the FTL modified entry made a small profit. And winning the wooden spoon for now is Neil, who lost three points but has soldiered on to the end despite adversity and found time to write:
Just wanted to say thanks for running this competition this season, you have done a sterling job, I am looking forward to next season already :-)
It has been fun, and I will almost certainly be running a similar table next season for anyone interested. There will probably be a little activity this weekend as the season officially concludes, at which point I will be looking for PayPal addresses for Skeeve, Webbo, Fedslam and XX Bundeslayga - oh wait, I have that one already - and Graeme will be looking for mine so that I can redistribute the "Barcelona of the Conference" bounty.

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