Sunday 25 May 2014

Top Books 2013-14

While the numbers from the top leagues show that Pinnacle Sports' prices are the best by some distance among the featured bookmakers on Football Data, they are NOT the top prices most of the time.

The featured books are Bet365, Bet & Win, Interweeten, Ladbrokes, Pinnacle Sports, William Hill, Stan James and VC Bet, but the maximum price quoted is often from one of the other 30+ books tracked by BetBrain. I use Pinnacle's prices for the FTL not only because they are usually competitive, even if not always top, but also because they actually take a bet. That VC Bet are top prices in 16% of matches is not much use if your account is closed or seriously restricted.

For Draw and Away prices, Pinnacle Sports offer the top prices 20% of the time. For Home prices, they are slightly behind VC Bet and Interwetten.

The summary isn't pretty reading for Bet365, Bet & Win, Stan James, Ladbrokes or William Hill, but BetBrain's books do include the exchanges without adjusting for commission.

How would betting every Home, Draw and Away with Pinnacle Sports have worked out last season?

Overall, the Homes would have been profitable, Aways down slightly and Draws, not surprisingly since there were hardly any, down by a lot.

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