Sunday, 7 March 2010

And The Award Goes To

Between 2006 and 2009, the Academy Awards have added a net total of £169 to the Cassini coffers.

However, there have been some wild differences from year to year with 2007 seeing a loss of almost £2k, and 2008 a profit of £1.4k. I sometimes get carried away with how much I know (or don't know) about these markets!

I can't even remember what markets the big wins and losses were on, but tonight sees the next installment in the series. Which way will it go? While there are some 'definite' winners such as Jeff Bridges (Lead Actor 1.14), Supporting Actor (Christoph Waltz 1.04!), Supporting Actress (MoNique 1.07) and Kathryn Bigelow (Best Director 1.22) the Best Picture Award is interesting. If The Hurt Locker (2.04) wins, it will be the lowest grossing film (in real terms) for many years to win, and it's in a tight race with Avatar. I've not seen the latter since I am not into sci-fi, (never seen a Star Wars movie) but 2.5 seemed a very generous price given it's success at the box-office. It's dropped in price since to 2.24, so I have a healthy green whoever wins, but healthier if it is Avatar.

Leading Actress will go to Sandra Bullock (currently 1.57).

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CSL said...

I didn't understand Hurt locker being the favorite either. Especially as I only managed about 45mins of it before turning it off. I have a small wager on Avatar to win it @ 2.4.
Good luck with your bets
Regards CSL