Sunday, 21 March 2010

Flying Donkeys

At the end of last season, in early May, I wrote a post about the Piacanza v Bari Serie B match.

Jamie passed on to me that today's Serie A match between Chievo and Catania also had the draw at odds-on pre-game, and again the outcome was a draw. The match finished 1-1 with Catania equalising 17 minutes from time with a penalty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassini,

Have a look at betangel blog, he picked this up yesterday :-


Anonymous said...

There was also a serie b match towards the end of last season that was 1.6 for the draw pre k/o. away team won convincingly in the end. Typically I had decided to take it on after passing up various other fixed looking matches.


Horse Racing Analyst said...

Also picked up on it from BA blog today. Unfortunatly missed the move to odds on throu the week.
Outrage for me was the 1-1 correct score was also smashed all week and was apparently well reported in press and media as such and so with the eyes of the footballing world watching they still fixed match to the extent of score draw.
sombody cleaned up as over 2 millon pre match was traded.

Anonymous said...

Cassini always posts after the event , you should be used to that by now

Unprofessional Gambler said...

Italian football corrupt. Never!

Anonymous said...

A strange mentality in Italian football that playing for a result which suits both sides is acceptable, stranger still that people are prepared to lay the result on Betfair - one of the most starightforward and profitable "systems" going is to back these, at least half a dozen guaranteed in the last few weeks of the season.