Monday, 8 March 2010

Not So Flash Drive

The Elo predictions have come to a grinding halt, due to a malfunctioning flash drive and the (I hope) temporary loss of many spreadsheets including the Elo one. Of course I am kicking myself for not backing it up regularly – the last time was three weeks ago before the Bundesliga was complete, and I’m not in the mood to re-apply all that data right now. Technology can be so frustrating.

The Academy Awards proved lucrative, and an idea from a couple of years ago which showed promise last year with small stakes once again came good. “The Hurt Locker” won Best Picture after drifting out to about 2.4 before the show started, and coming in to about 1.5 at the end. This film also threw up the Best Director award – although this was always a ‘certainty’. It seems I’m not the only one who could care less about sci-fi!

Sandra Bullock won Leading Actress as expected and by managing to avoid the big disaster in markets such as Sound Editing, Original Score, Best Foreign language etc. (markets I’ve learned to avoid after previous mistakes), I had my second best Oscar night ever.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it was still a loss overall yesterday with Football Elite’s Recommended Bet of Espanyol failing to beat Villareal, and some painful losses in the NBA.

At least the Premium Charge should be somewhat reduced this week!


Anonymous said...

It you bet outright it's almost impossible to run up a premium charge.

Anonymous said...

^^^ well unless your edge is above about 8% and then yes you will pay the premium charge.

Anyway sorry to hear about the loose of your flash drive.

Anonymous said...

If your doing straight betting, why not switch to somewhere like pinnacle?

Anonymous said...

Premium charge my *rs*

Talkbet said...

My flash USB drive went phut a while ago, like you I hadn't backed it up for a while (and I work in IT!!). I sent it off to somewhere in Sheffield, no fix no fee service. They got it all back for flat rate £100 including a new USB stick with the data on it. If you want the contact details of the place then let me know.

Cassini said...

Thanks for that Talkbet - it looks like I will need to send it off. The company I found has an office in Nottingham. A bit of luck and a few days and perhaps I'll be back in business.

Ewan said...

Probably the best backup service around is Dropbox ( It provides a free 2 gig worth of storage and is trivial to set up.

I have nothing to do with them - just a very happy user.