Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Winners Galore, Bullseyes - Not So Much

Some good priced winners in the Match Odds markets tonight, with six winners from the eight picks posted.

The only selection to actually lose was Cheltenham v Hereford United, so a lay of the opposed team there would have hurt, but the other seven lays would have meant an overall profit.

I actually layed two teams, Stockport (6.0) at Bristol Rovers and Dagenham and Redbridge (3.05) at Torquay United in my efforts to achieve Maria’s success using her laying system. One selection from each of Leagues One and Two.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, there were some good prices available in today’s matches, and with hindsight, they look even better!

Southampton won at 2.22, Aldershot at 2.4, Port Vale at 2.36, Rochdale at 1.95 and Bristol Rovers at 1.71.

Notts County at 1.47 were a little tight, but a winner’s a winner.

The only negative was that only one match of the eight finished exactly as predicted (Aldershot Town by 1), but these lower leagues appear to be harder to hit exactly than those at the top. The strategy here appears to be to back the selection, especially at the longer odds that are often available.

No doubt a profit (pre-commission) of 4.11 to a 1 point stake per match (+51%) won’t be enough to make Anonymous happy, but it’ll do for me.

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Anonymous said...

So you had one winner out of your 8winner margin bets yet still turned the profit you mentioned?

When the margins hit you claim to have been on the margin bets. When the margins don't hit, it's not a problem because you will generally just have been on the win.

Out of the 8 teams you said yesterday SHOULD win by one or two, only one actually did as they SHOULD have done. Nice.