Sunday, 28 March 2010

Australian Grand Prix

I'm not an expert on Formula 1 by any means, but I enjoy watching the races and often have a small financial interest in it. Small because there are many who know far more about the sport than I do.

I layed Sebastien Vettel at 1.88 yesterday, and he is now drifting like the proverbial barge, currently out to 2.26 - presumably because the rain makes the result that much more unpredictable. He was odds-on literally five minutes ago!

£500k traded on Betfair, £110k on BETDAQ but some strange discrepancies in price. I just backed Vettel at 2.26 on Betfair and immediately layed him at 2.12 on BETDAQ.

Race is starting.

Update: Vettel is out, so a loss on Betfair, (good for the PC), but a win on BETDAQ.


Unprofessional Gambler said...

Lol.Maybe John Kettly and Michael Fish should set up a trading blog specialising in Formula 1 and test match cricket. They could make a fortune!

Maybe Formula 1 is the way forward. I'm not having much luck with the footy this week.

Flutter F1 said...

Interestingly Cassini, when Vettel hit 2.2 is when I started to back him. Yes the rain does make it more un-predictable and brings in other variables, but the Red Bull is one of the best cars in the wet. There was no reason for the price to drift out like it did. I can only think it was because those who had backed him at the relatively low 1.7’s started to get a bit scared and wanted to dump their positions – the bookies kept him at a firm 1.6. Luckily (for me) I was able to get out of that position when he retired and lumped on Button. I’m surprised more people don’t trade the F1 markets as every now and then it offers some great trades.