Friday, 19 March 2010

Turkish Delight - Sweet-Pie

Some of you may recall Psychoff, his challenge and his sudden departure from blogging and I received an interesting comment about him which deserves a bigger audience than it is likely to receive hidden in the comment section of an old post. So here it is, in its entirety, courtesy of Lucky Strike:

Hi there all,

I understand your doubts about the genuinity of Psychoff challenge.

Personally, I know this guy from a Turkish betting forum for more than 3 years. The sad truth (that he made more than 100.000 in half a year) is he did not even know a single word about BF trading-scalping till 2008. Then somebody in the forum opened up this subject and Dr.Guven (Yes, his name is Guven and he really is a doctor) invested in this after 6 months of discussion going on..

Many people in the forum tried some strategy and at the end Dr.Guven took all this information and he built up his way.

FYI, Betfair is illegal in Turkey and nobody can manage to use it.
He is located in Sweden, he got 7 different dishes to scan all the live football broadcasts all around the Europe + a Dreambox receiver to decode the encrypted channels.

As I am living in Hungary and I can watch the local games, I can honestly tell you that when you can follow the low leagues + eastern european games, even if the liquidity is low, there are couple of hundreds to make per game since nobody is Tevez, Rooney, Drogba, Henry or Messi to change the destiny of the game in 3 seconds...

The reason why he does not give any ideas about his methods is quite simple, there is a certain amount of sweet pie to eat, why would he create competitors?

For all that doubt about P&L screenshots, I have seen the screenshots about the markets when he posted to the forum about some of his unlucky losses, they are all true.

He got a brand new Audi Q7 for 40.000 euros in 2009 :)

I am trying to follow his way somehow since I think I got better football knowledge compared to him. But he had the edge with the capital and technology invested in this.

I hope I can manage,

GL to all.
So there we have it. There are indeed some postings in Turkish on some betting forums (a Turkish friend verified that for me) so that part at least is true. If you speak Turkish and have time, search for “drguven” and you’ll find him. Be sure to let me know if there are any useful insights posted.


My Lesson Cost 70K said...

Whilst I have no reason to doubt Dr Guven this comment does make me chuckle! Not rubbishing it it's just the way the Audi Q7 is mentioned as though that would somehow add credence! It's like all the get rich quick schemes that talk about the cars they have bought.

I reiterate not doubting it, it just made me chuckle :-)
Good Luck and Happy Punting!

My Lesson Cost 70K said...
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Anonymous said...

I missed out on this, so was this guy real or fake?

Anonymous said...

Proven fake, but watch out for the ebook coming soon :) Quite a few people seem to be reviving the hype of psychoff ready for release, seems cassini's in for a cut too :)

Anonymous said...

wheres the "proof" he was a fake?

Azzmovic said...

I suppose as with most blogs you have to make your own judgment. He never sold anything as far as i'm aware so no harm done.

Roovs said...

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