Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Believe In God? 5000-1 If You Can Prove It

As I struggle with modern technology, and my stupid flash drive, in need of a smile I found this at The Spoof

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bookmaker Barry Banks is offering odds of 5000-1 if you can prove the existence of God. Barry explained that some people would bet on anything we are not certain about,as well as the daily bets on horse racing,football etc. Barry takes bets on Aliens landing on earth, Katie Price (alias Jordan) to be next Prime Minister, Lord Lucan to be found within the next 5 years.

Current odds if you can prove the existence of God are 5000-1 but Barry said "It may as well be a million to one for this bet, because although I have had a tirade of abuse from religious fanatics they are still unable to give proof of the existence of God and take advantage of odds of 5000-1."

You would think God would come forward and take advantage of such good odds.

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