Monday, 9 January 2012

Long Time Passing

Weekends are recently following the same pattern. The football bets, time consuming in preparation, if not execution, result in either a small profit or a loss, while the rest of the sports, that need far less preparation, but the game has to be watched, are profitable. Unfortunately the football bets, read the XX Draw Selections, are having a poor time of it right now, although by some definitions the results from yesterday were a success. Three matches selected, no draws, but one game did finish Under! That one winner seems to qualify me to call the selections a success. OK, maybe it's time to ignore that silliness, and move on, in which case I'll report that the XX Draws were not even close, and now drop into the negative for the first time since September.

It was fairly quiet on the Tipster Table, with the reduced schedule, and Green Pullover joined the XX Draws in the red, as he is also struggling to find draws right now with a run of one winner in the last 21 selections. Geoff did find one draw, (he fluked a 90' equaliser for the 1-1 draw at Bath City), but as there were six selections, a loss on the weekend here too. To paraphrase Joan Baez, 'Where have all the draws gone? Long time passing'.

The football losses were trimmed by four winners in the NFL Wild-Card matches, where all four home teams won, with Jesus personally showing up in overtime to help Tim Tebow win the game for the Broncos versus the Steelers. It's a shame he doesn't show up for me a little more often.

Wins these days, while always welcome, are no longer met with quite the same enthusiasm as the Super Premium Charge gets inexorably closer by the day, waiting in the wings to pounce. I know it's coming, and it's frustrating that there is nothing I can do to avoid it. Well, other than lose a little more. I estimate that I have about 65 days left until that day. I'll try my hand on BETDAQ later, during the Betfair planned outage, but BETDAQ feels very clunky to me and I doubt the lquidity will be on a par. But I like surprises.


Golf and Football Tips said...
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AL said...

No post today Cass?

how are we supposed to get through the day without your incredible wit and tenacity!?!?!

500-5000 said...

AL - Cassini might have cocked it all up and lost all his money! Lol.

Cassini - Where is your daily post!?

Captain Webb said...

Enjoying the daily posts! Don't know how you find the time tbh.