Monday, 2 January 2012

Tebow Woe

Man of integrity, the Green Pullover, owned up to my having missed his Friday night selection of a draw in the Southampton v Bristol City game, so the table has been corrected.

No joy for Mark Iverson as his free bet, Over 36.5 in the Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos, came up a little short. Another 27 points and he'd have been fine. Tim Tebow's prayers to Jesus are falling on deaf ears these days - not one TD as the Broncos lost 3-7 yet still made the play-offs after the Oakland Raiders lost at home to the San Diego Chargers. Mark won't thank me for pointing out that his game of choice was actually the lowest scoring NFL game of the day. Typical.

Despite Mark's efforts, the NFL balance finished positive for the day, and a decent start to the year with the football, tennis and NBA also positive. For the NFL, it is now the play-offs which start next weekend, but there are a number of college football bowl games this week, six today and another six over the next week or so with the championship game (Alabama v LSU) closing out the season. Liquidity on these games is usually pretty decent, and the championship game (currently with no clear favourite), is usually excellent.

There are a couple of XX Draw Selections from the midweek games, but a distinct lack of entries from anyone else in the Tipster Table. Still time though.


Mark Iverson said...

lol...couldn't script it!

laidback said...

Hi Csssini. Green Pullover again. Put my draws up last night. They are: Tottenham 4.2 Cardiff 3.4 Peterborough 3.5 Bristol City 3.4 Rotherham 3.65. All the best.

SoccerDude said...

Hi, thanks for adding my blog to your list. Much appreciated. I added yours some time back.

Hope you continue as it's enjoyable and informative to read.

Golf and Football Tips said...

Hi Cassini,

I have recently started reading your blog, and it's excellent. It's inspired me to start my own.

I aim to have a blog about NBA, Foorball and Golf. Some selections, comments on life and the like.

I'd be very grateful if you could add me as a link to your blog and if I could add you as a link from mine. I hope that will be OK.

Once again, congratulations on having such a great blog with lots of dedicated followers.