Saturday, 7 January 2012

Forget It

I mentioned a dreadful blog in this post a couple of days ago, and included this example of their 'tips':

1. NBA - Miami Heat to beat Indiana Pacers@ odds of 1.27
2. NBA - Orlando Magic to beat the Washington Wizards@ odds of 1.1. A small trade recommended.
3. NBA - Dallas Mavericks to beat Phoenix Suns@ odds of 1.26
4. NBA - New York Knicks to beat Charlotte Bobcats@ odds of 1.14
I was going to be kind, and quietly drop the blog from my blog roll, but before I got around to it, I see that today's post begins with:
After our success on the NBA 2 nights ago (winning 3 out of 4 games)
Success?!! The author's idea of success, and mine, are poles apart. The New York Knicks, at 1.14, lost.

The previous post tipped winners at 1.22, 1.33, 1.28.... and a loser at 1.51.

Winning is not about 'winners', but as explained here, it's about how much your winners win, and how much your losers lose. Success is not about winning three bets at 1.27, 1.1, 1,26 and then losing the fourth bet. That is a massive loss on the night and it's a lie to manipulate the numbers in this way. I seriously doubt that the blog has anyone following his selections, but I am removing it anyway. He has removed comments from myself and others pointing out (some of) the errors of his ways, and the guy is clearly utterly clueless. I hope he continues on the exchanges for a while though.


Golf and Football Tips said...

I didn't suggest that people put trades on ALL of the games suggested. It's entirely up to the public as to what they do.

I see you neglected to mention that for the New York Knicks (losing trade) a small stake was suggested.

I had 3 out of 4 winners the other day, and 2 out of 2 today. That's what I'd call a success.

G said...

Yep- let's hope he keeps going on the exchanges for a while- I hope he's got a huge bankroll though- he seems to think what he's doing is right so I think if we leave him alone for a while he might stick around- classic mug lol