Sunday, 8 January 2012


From an investment perspective, weekends such as this one, with a shortened standard fixture list, mean that making profits from football, never easy, is even more of a grind than usual. Net profit after Saturday's matches? Excuse the temporary slip into P&L mode, but it was a massive profit of £1.18. No begging letters please. Good for the Premium Charge, but not so good for the bottom line, and relative to other sports, a lot of effort for the rewards. Not that I have to watch the football games, since once value is identified, it stays there, admittedly diminishing, for the entire game as understood by James who commented on yesterday's post and the subject of calling gambling, trading:
Great post as usual Cassini,

Couldn't agree more on the comment about overs/unders "trading" being gambling.... It most definitely is.

If you have identified an overs/unders price as value pre K.O then surely you have a winning betting strategy long term and trading out will impact your total profit in a negative way? Trading out would lessen losing runs however but would prove less profitable if your assessment of a value bet/trade was correct.
At least someone gets it.

Now there is no evidence that Odwyer is the central character for the following quote, but on Betfair's Football Forum, someone asked if he "has enough to go pro with". Why I thought of Odwyer I have no idea, since he's not worked in years so far as I know, but there was one amusing reply from a Warro, who wrote:
Saying that you've received a redundancy payment and fancy having a crack at being a pro punter is a bit like saying that you received a tennis racquet for Christmas, so you will be entering Wimbledon this year.
It neatly hits the nail on the head, that there is more to 'going pro' than depositing funds into your account.


Average Guy said...

Are City Value at odds of over 2.0 today, I haven't seen the teamsheets but is my gut feel right ?

Cassini said...

I had City priced at 2.3, United at 3.37, the draw at 3.72.