Sunday, 15 January 2012


@calciocassini The world of Twitter is a new one to me, it takes me a while to catch up with the newest trends, and while I don't plan on tweeting every hour, it did occur to me that on occasion, it might be a useful tool to use to spread time-sensitive information or opinions. For example, when I looked at the Under markets for the Milan derby as kick-off approached, the 1.85 available looked huge value against my, admittedly too low, calculation of 1.55. Anyway, it's something to trial. It may work, it may not.


Mark Iverson said...

Pick me up with a feather duster...cassini catches up with the 21st century! :-)

Cassini said...

Enough of your cheek Mr. I - don't you have soiled nappies to change?