Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mixed Fortunes

Competition co-winner Geoff M's selection of the draw in the Coventry City v Brighton and Hove Albion game on Saturday went down as Coventry won 2-0, so no help for heroes unfortunately.

Co-winner Loudsight had a winner though, as his lay of Manchester City at 1.6 netted him £123.46 which has already been sent. A nice start to the New Year there.

Third co-winner Mark 'New Dad' Iverson has gone for the Over 36.5 points in tonight's Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos NFL game. The investment has been made.

The XX Draws finished the year with a winner, as Swansea City drew with Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 with the bonus of a winner on the Under too, but the new year started with no luck, as Everton scored in the 87'. A consolation of the Unders again, but a winning start for the 2012 draws would have been nice. That 87' minute is proving unlucky, with three of the last seven losses going down in this minute. Of 73 selections since 1.Jan.2011, no less than 15 'winners' have gone gown to goals later than the 80'.

Griff was two seconds shy of three consecutive draws, before Sunderland scored at the death today, and no winners for Green Pullover this weekend from six selections. Geoff M found one draw from eight, and Football Elite had just the one selection which went down as Norwich City couldn't beat Fulham. Backing the 'Lay The Draw' selections still tops the table.
The dreaded "annual review of 2011", which is really of interest only to me, will follow later.


laidback said...

Hi Cassini.Green Pullover here. Just being honest and pointing out that I also had Southampton for a draw on Friday night which you haven't included in your results. Needless to say, they couldn't manage one. Happy New Year to you.

loudsight said...

A nice start to the year indeed. I've recieved the winnings thanks. Thank goodness there was no way for me to place that bet myself. Had I been in control I would have closed it out when Manchester City's Odds hit 2.00. Incidentally, odds for "The Draw" reached 1.1 at some point in injury time (I think). Oh why oh why did I not lay £1234.6 at those odds? The liability would have been equal to my potential winnings! i.e. another free bet

loudsight said...

Actually, scratch that last comment. A Manchester City goal would have resulted in a loss had I layed at 1.1. Since my the original free bet was a Lay of Manchester City.

Griff said...


I'm going to have to miss this round as I've left my laptop at work. I thought my form was changing until that late late Sunderland goal!!

I've got one question, when trading the American Football and NBA you watch all the games that you trade?

Keep up the Good Work

Mark Iverson said...

oops..couldn't have got that selection more wrong. Thanks for the free bet though - much appreciated :-)