Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Blues

Nothing more than a curiosity, but after entering 3,444 matches in the spreadsheet, I happened to notice that the Under and Over 2.5 goals markets are all even.

I watched the game, but it didn't register at the time that Blackburn Rovers managed not one shot, and all of one corner during yesterday's game at Tottenham Hotspur. For anyone tracking Blackburn's previous away games, it comes as no surprise with their performances very poor over at their last six away games.

With Manchester City now favourites to win the league this season, there is a lot of money hoping for a Newcastle win against them next week.

My usual April playoff disaster in the NBA last night, where I chose the wrong Los Angeles game to trade. While getting my beauty sleep as the Memphis Grizzlies rolled over the Clippers, the latter staged something of a miraculous recovery after trading at 1,000. Down by 27, they came back to win by 1 - and I missed it!

The Lakers game was expensive for me. The high scoring Nuggets chose the game when my money was on them to be not-quite-so high scoring. First losing month since March 2011, so I can't complain, but April just isn't my month. I should have stayed in Maui.

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