Saturday, 19 May 2012

Decent Guys

Ian and Cassini
I was pleased to read today that Ian Erskine drops in on this blog from time to time, and has taken no offence at my wilful (and some might say provocative) abuse of his Lay The Draw selections. As I mentioned in my comment over there, one key thing is obviously your selection of the matches most likely to meet your requirements (high scoring if you are laying the draw, low scoring if backing the draw), but additionally your discipline to stick with a method fully for a decent period of time. 0-0 draws do come along when least expected, and the XX Draws have had seven goals on a couple of occasions (twice in three matches as it happens). 

Understanding that these things will happen is part of the game, and you lack the emotional strength to deal with it, you're in the wrong game. One of Ian's qualities is his focus on educating people into understanding the true nature of long term success at betting. It is not a question of signing up to a service, trading every selection profitably, and watching the cash roll in. It is a matter of making good selections, making consistent decisions in regard to those selections, tweaking those selections if necessary (being careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water of course), staying disciplined in times of adversity, always learning, and more money will come in than go out over time.

Ian wrote:
One final mention of a blog worth visiting occasionally as he nicely gave me a mention this week I dont know Cassini but he has referred to me a few times both positively and negatively. He is a winner I believe and I think it is more on US sports etc that he makes his cash but I read his blog most days and it is entertaining reading and knowledgeable even if we do not always see eye to eye, I think he is decent genuine guy, (like myself)
As I Tweeted a few minutes before the play-off game today, I have 'fun' bets on goals and West Ham United today. The HT 0-0 Lay just came home with a 35' minute opening goal, but the Over 2.5 goals bet may be at risk of going down. The two previous finals with opening goals around this time ended Under, as Hull beat Bristol City 1-0 with a 38' goal in 2008, and Watford beat Bolton Wanderers 2-0 in 1999 with another 38' goal. But in 1993, the first goal didn't come until 43' and ended 4-3 as Swindon Town beat Leicester City. No team has ever come back from a Half-Time deficit to win in 90 minutes, and the last time a HT leading team failed to win promotion was an occasion I remember only too well - 1996 when Crystal Palace ended up losing to Leicester City after extra time.

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Goal Profits said...

Absolutely spot on with your comments about trading being long-term. Lots of people join my site then give it just a few days before giving up. Trading takes dedication, I wish everyone understood that!