Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blue October

While Michael Thomas's goal in the dying seconds on the 1988-89 season at Anfield was probably more dramatic, Manchester City's two stoppage time goals today to snatch the title back from Manchester United is a very close second. In favour of 1989 was the fact that the two adversaries were facing each other, but 2012 has the intra-city rivalry as well as the 44 years since a title in its favour, but both finishes were ones that won't soon be forgotten. Had the 6-1 win by City at United back in October been a 2-1 instead, the two teams would have been level on points, goal difference, and goals scored / goals conceded. Now that would have been remarkable. I'm not sure what the tie-breaker is after these have been applied - a one-off play off I believe, but I'm not sure. I am sure it has never happened before.

One XX Draw Selection in the Premier League today, which was West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal, so no joy there. Pete Nordsted needed two draws from three games to move into green on the season, but with Norwich, Manchester United winning, and a late goal for Swansea City, he came up blank for a small loss on the season.

More updates later, once the Italian, Spanish and French results are in - and for Geoff, we need Norway and Sweden for his 4-4 selections.


BigAl said...

Personally, I don't understand how anyone can rate the Arsenal v Liverpool drama ahead of what we saw today.

Cassini said...

Two reasons why 1989 was, in my opinion, the slightly more dramatic - the two teams that the championship was between were on the same field of play as I mentioned, and the title changing goal was at the death - the last kick of the last game. Had Betfair been in existence at that time, one would think that Liverpool would have traded at 1.01, whereas Man United were 'only' down to 1.09 when City equalised. Nevertheless, both were thrilling finishes, and to see two such dramatic finishes in one lifetime is quite amazing.

BigAl said...

"Last kick of the game".