Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pass The Tissues

Sound Advice
Josh, at Goal Nineteen, asked for a link exchange, and I have obliged, although with just four posts since June 2011, it may not stay on the blog roll for too long, as three months without a post and the link gets removed to ensure everything stays fresh and fruity.

Apparently a bitter Manchester United fan, Josh rather amusingly writes in his latest post about his feelings on Sunday at the final whistle:
"Yet it did not take long for the pain and anguish to turn to anger, and the familiar old claim that City have 'bought success' began to take hold again".
Oh my. I'm not sure what most impartial readers think, but coming from a United fan, that seems pretty rich to me. The bully at school gets angry when an even bigger bully joins the school!

Top ten Premier League transfers include:
Wayne Rooney, Everton to Manchester United, August 2004, £25.6 million

Juan Sebastian Veron, Lazio to Manchester United, July 2001, £28.1 million

Rio Ferdinand, Leeds United to Manchester United, July 2002, £29.1 million

Dimitar Berbatov, Tottenham to Manchester United, September 2008, £30.75 million
Poor little Man U - hardly the people's club. How dare another team try to buy success! Has any Premier League Champion NOT bought success? It's a business. Teams are buying their way out of non-league football like never before. Crawley Town last season, Fleetwood Town this season. Who, outside of Fleetwood, had even heard of them just a couple of years ago? North West Counties League (Level Nine) in 2005. That's an impressive climb through the ranks.

But back to Manchester United, and their financial reports (as of February 2012) show that they have spent £500m in interest payments since 2005.
So the total cash taken out of United, to pay for a takeover the fans and then board did not want, was £497.5m by 31 December. In round figures, and anyway now, with two months further interest from December, the Glazer family have been responsible for £500m going out of United.
Perhaps some of that 'anger' should be directed at a more appropriate target. 

Incidentally, the submarine and Kenny Dalglish reference in yesterday's post proved prophetic within a few hours. Quite coincidental, although no doubt the Internet is rife with conspiracy theories saying 'he knew'.

New South Wales Trading Ban

A follow up on the recent post about traders on New South Wales horse racing not being allowed to trade any more, and it isn't only for accounts based in NSW:
yeah....finally I got through the number and they said they want me to stop trading NSW racings ,I said ok then they reactivated my account....and thats it.....

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- said...

Hi Cassini, thanks for that, I will be trying to update more often in the future as I realise my blogroll is a bit short!

As for what you said about my latest article however, I felt that I addressed the issues you pointed out throughout the piece. The aim of it was to shine a bit of realism on the bitterness from United fans, as outlined in the title. I fully agree with you about football being a business and it is necessary to buy success these days, as United have done throughout the years. I thought that I had illustrated this point clearly throughout my article, particularly in the last paragraph where I concluded that 'United fans can console themselves with the fact that Manchester City won the title based on the size of their bank alone if they wish, but they must ask themselves whether it is truly anger at their rivals, or anger at the fact that their owners seem incapable of releasing the funds necessary to buy the calibre of players they expect to see at Old Trafford.'

Thank you for the feedback though, it is good to know that someone reads my stuff!