Sunday, 16 September 2012

88th Minute

Time for a few updates on the more serious business of making money, rather than pointlessly worrying about others losing theirs. BigAl does seem very sensitive on this issue though, not for us to speculate why, but if he really believes the nonsense he's writing, rather than just seeking attention as I suspect, he is probably not suited to the rough and tumble of the trading world.

The weekend XX Draw Classic selections got off to the worst possible start on Friday night, with Stade de Reims beating Montpellier 3-1 for a wipe-out on all five markets, but the good thing about a disaster is that things can only get better, which they did in the next selection of Queens Park Rangers v Chelsea. With the perfect 0-0 result, every market was a winner. This game also saw an end to the unprecedented U2.5 losing sequence of six, with the entire 2011-12 season never going more than four.

The third game was Sunderland v Liverpool, a match that attracted a lot of interest from other tipsters. Football Elite had Sunderland (Draw No bet) at 2.5, while Neil had them at 1.73 receiving +0.5. Premier Betting went with the +0.25 option at 2.05, and Pete Nordsted's Drawmaster selections included this game too. Ending 1-1, this was another winner, capping a great day for the Classic selections finishing +11.75 points.

For the Extended Selections, we had three matches today, opening with Aston Villa v Swansea City. A small loss on this game with only the U2.5 and U3.5 winning, although the game was still 1-0 at 88'. The second selection was from Serie A, where we had Palermo v Cagliari, and another 88' goal. This one went in our favour, at least in the Match Odds draw market, although at the cost of a win in the U1.5 market, and the game ended 1-1 for a small profit. The cost of losing the U1.5 is sometimes less than the gain from the win on the Draw, which means a 1-0 score is often as good, or even slightly better, than a 1-1. But since these are officially Draw selections, and I'm not sure how others play them, I should be happier with the 1-1.

The third and final selection of the day was in Ligue 1, with Valenciennes v Bordeaux. Another perfect draw,  and +6.44 points on the Extended selections.

There was also one Bundesliga Extended selection which was the Greauther Furth v Schalke '04 game. A Half-Time 0-0 winner, before Schalke '04 scored in the 48' and added a second in the, you guessed it, 88th minute - +1.74 points on this one.

All in all, an excellent XX Draws day, and hoping for more tomorrow.

I mentioned a few days ago that although I seldom get involved in trading cricket, I did trade the Pakistan v Australia T20 match which ended in a tie, and no reward for all my hard work. Today I looked in on the Hampshire v Warwickshire CB40 Final and, you guessed it, another tie. I used to think that ties were rather unusual events, but two in a week, and the only two cricket games I've traded?

For Average Guy, who wrote:

As you are omniscient can you please tell me how to get the twitter feed on the BLOG, I cannot get it to function and think it is to do with the domain in the setup, what "gadget" are you using. Not trading related but I feel your wisdom is boundless.

Well, you are close. The answer is that Blogger has a gadget under Featured called Twitter Updates - just go the the Design page, select layout and add that gadget.

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BigAl said...

Interestingly, and not for the first time, you're wrong. But "you" are not the issue this time.

The Hampshire match was not a tie despite betfair settling it as a tie with very few complaints.

The match was won by Hampshire within the allotted overs and without any further play required to ascertain a winner.

The official match result is a Hampshire win. Check the ECB website.

In matches which require a super over, the official match result is given as a tie. But not in this situation.

Betfair rules state the market is void if the official result is a tie. It isn't and they shouldn't have.

They have settled incorrectly to stay in line with the Indian market.