Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spinning Top

As September, and the Summer, fade into history, a reminder from Paul Makin:

“Don’t count your winnings by the day. The reality is that it doesn’t really matter what you do by the day, it matters what you take home at the end of the year. You’ve got to think long-term and the only way is value. The price must be right. You just keep taking value. You won’t back all the winners but you’ll end up with money. Winning is a long-term project. If you just want to go and enjoy yourself and knock off a hundred or two, that’s all very good, but if you want to win you’ve got to have a professional approach.” 
I'm looking at including some more selections in the Friendly Tipster League, and came across a blog called Football Formbook which sounded promising with its mission in life being "Providing winners from the top football leagues". The funny thing is that we have yet to have either a winner or a selection from the 'top football leagues'. There was a dip into Europe's 26th rated league last weekend, but Dundee United were demolished by Hearts for a loss, and there are two more from Scotland this week, but I feel the promise of selections from the 'top football leagues' is one that (so far) could be challenged in court. His results last season were decent though, (see below), although I prefer the one point risk per bet as a measure (easier to compare) but anyway, recruited against his will is entry number 28 into the FTL is Football Formbook. We wish him well.

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