Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Summery

Two XX Draw Classic selections today, and the first was Reading v Tottenham Hotspur, (1-3), which was not a good result. This was followed by Nancy v Marseille which finished 0-1 for a profit on every market bar the Match Odds tie - I mean draw.

Five Extended picks, starting with three games in Serie A, which unfortunately saw a high-scoring day. Two matches ended 3-1 for wipe-outs, but we did fluke the 2-2 draw in the Siena v Udinese game. Although I take little pleasure from such 'wins', I do fins pleasure in the money coming in.

The fourth game, Osasuna v Mallorca, was a winner finishing 1-1 and, after being 0-0 at half-time, was profitable in all but the U1.5 market, and the fifth, Torino v Internazionale finished 0-2 for a small loss.

It was interesting to see that Osasuna v Mallorca and Torino v Internazionale both shortened significantly pre-game - the latter U2.5 price went from 2.0 a few days ago to 1.8 after trading as low as 1.76.

Overall on the weekend, the XX Draws record was Classic 5 selections, 2 draws, +5.21 points across all five markets, Extended 8 selections, 4 draws, -2.76 points, Extended Bundesliga 1 selection +1.74 points.

The decision to include the Extended this season is looking like a good one. Overall this season, the Classic selections U1.5, U2.5 and U3.5 are currently slightly down, (early days with just 16 selections), but when the Extended are included, only the U3.5 is down.

The NFL early game went very well today, with pre-game big favourites New York Giants finding themselves trailing at home by 14 points to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early in the third quarter. 1.42 on Tampa Bay? I layed £2,000 at that price, and topped up at even lower when my plan for the Giants to score two quick Touchdowns didn't quite work out (two field goals on their next two possessions) but someone liked the Buccaneers way too much. 

Finally the Giants tied the game up with a Touchdown and two-point conversion, and I was sitting very pretty. Another example, if you needed one, of how it pays to lay low in the NFL.

Finally for now, after the debate earlier this week, I couldn't resist posting this Tweet I saw today, on the topic of gambling addiction.
Gambling addiction hotlines would be so much better if every fifth caller was a winner

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Unknown said...

I've been catching up with your great blog and for once I have to say I agree with Big Al.

Betfair have previous for settling cricket matches incorrectly by their rules. The 2009 WI v England Test was voided by Betfair despite the official result being a draw. I had backed the draw to good money so persued it. I eventually got paid out as a winner (once my solicitor threatened court action) though they never reversed the settlement.
The rules are clear so they would payout on Hampshire too if someone persued it far enough.