Monday, 3 September 2012

Goal Rush

Rather a frustrating start to the new month, with too many goals around for my liking. The most frustrating was Manchester United's third in the 92' at Southampton, which took away a nice priced draw after trading in the 1.2 / 1.21 range. Typical United, and one has to imagine somewhat deflating for Southampton who now find themselves behind Liverpool.

With the late postponement on Friday of tonight's Real Betis v Atletico Madrid game, the XX Classic games were reduced to just two, which is fortunate given that the two selections were both stinkers. Both were 3-1 wins by the away teams, (Montpellier at Sochaux and AC Milan at Bologna) with both games seeing the first goal in the 16'. The longest losing run for these selections onj the U2.5 market for all of last season was 4, yet already this season it is at 5 and counting.

There was some joy in the XX Extended selections, with a perfect 0-0 in the Rayo Vallecano v  Sevilla game, and some other Half-Time 0-0 winners, and this market continues to be the best bet so far for these selections, but overall a poor weekend.

Subscribers are also sent qualifiers from the Bundesliga, although I caution against betting on these as I am not confident they will be profitable, so it's Sod's Law that the five selections in this category have resulted in three draws, and would have shown an 11.88 point profit on all bets, an ROI of 59.4%. It won't last of course, and hopefully at least some people ignored my advice, and had a small dabble.

I have updated the Friendly Tipster Table with the five Bundesliga categories - I wasn't happy with only 10 spots out of 21 so I'm now taking 15 of the 26! My son, not unreasonably, thinks this is a ridiculous state of affairs, and he does have a point, but it's my table and my rules!

Of the non-XX family, Tony leads the way with a successful lay of Borussia Dortmund, and a near-miss lay of Manchester United. His lay of Juventus, a game I wanted as a draw, was not close in a game messed up by an early red card and penalty against Udinese.

Next comes Peter Nordsted's Premier Betting, finding two winners in Over 2.25 goals Swansea City v Sunderland and the second half of Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers being the highest scoring half. Four winners from five so far for this service. Not doing quite so well is Pete's Drawmaster selections, which extended their losing sequence to eight, after three more losses.

Griff;s Over / Under selections make their debut with a small profit, but the Draw selections went 0 for 4 with none Under 2.5. As I said at the beginning, too many goals this weekend.

Football Elite had a DNB end in a draw, so after two selections, we have two no bets. Neil is down slightly, while Little Al's draw hunting went the same way as the other draw seekers, with no joy.

Backing the Lay The Draw selections was another loss (Crawley Town 1 Leyton Orient 0) but Jon (Talkbet) found a nice away winner in Hannover '96 (4-0 at Wolfsburg) to trim his losses.

I've also added a Total, showing what the returns are backing every selection - after 308 bets, the profit would be 15.54 points, an ROI of just over 5%. Here's the table:

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