Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Endless Wisdom

The news from the US just gets better and better. The latest poll in the key state of Ohio has Obama with a 53% to 43% lead, and in Florida it is 53% to 44%. As a result, the 1.47 of 11 September is now down to 1.24.   

To link political betting with sports, Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney rolled out Ohio native Jack Nicklaus in a desperate attempt to garner support for his lost cause. Presumably Nicklaus embodies Romney's idea of a typical middle class working man. 

Romney's move is not unlike SoccerDude's latest attempt to bolster his attempt to challenge the world's number one sports trading (and so much more) blog. Desperate. Lost cause. 

A post over at Average Guy's Betfair Trading Challenge neatly summarises the thought of many of you I suspect, (except for the 'somewhat annoying' part where he is clearly on his own) as he writes:   
It never ceases to amaze me how Cassini manages to post every day and still find something relevant and interesting to share with us earthlings.
How does he even get time to work on his successful trades and still manage to educate those of us in obvious need of an education in this, and many related fields ?
To remain interesting and relevant with his level of profligacy is truly a wonder and all should bow before him. I used to find his posts somewhat annoying because of their pedantic and acerbic nature, but now, I realise this superiority complex is well founded.
Poor SoccerDude blurted out
Oh dear - Considering how much ridiculous arse-licking you're doing here, it would have been wise to check your spelling.
Profligacy means to be recklessly wasteful!
Which, of course, is exactly what Average Guy meant. And the spelling of profligacy looks good to me. As AG clarified:
That's what I meant, recklessly wasteful with his endless wisdom.
Endless wisdom. I like that - almost as much as I like AG's blog - one of the best out there! Far better than this one...

Right, more seriously, many of you will be aware that there was a somewhat controversial ending to the Green Bay Packers @ Seatlle Seahawks game on Tuesday morning, which was won by the hosts on the final play of the game, assisted by a missed call by the replacement referees. Another example of decisions going the way of home teams. Had the game been in Green Bay, it's my opinion that they would have got the call right, but we shall never know. Another observation is that no less than 9 big (more than a field goal)  underdogs actually won (not covered, but won) last week - the most in over 20 years. It appears that the NFL and the real referees are getting closer to resolving their dispute, (even Obama is talking about it), but if the replacements continue, there are some interesting angles to play.


Simon said...

I read somewhere yesterday that if the NFL gave the referees exactly what they wanted it would cost each team about $100K. This apparently equates to about a quarter of the (average) yearly salary of the lowest paid member of each team. Given how much credibility the NFL loses with each game it seems ridiculous.

Also, I enjoyed this video

Anonymous said...

I was reading on NFLUK that the real refs should be back on Sunday. Hopefully tonight isn't too much of a train wreak.

AL said...

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