Tuesday, 11 September 2012

An Over Smirk (Anag.)

One of the most stupid and pointless posts I have ever had the misery to read was posted over at Sports Trading. The nerd wrote:
The one thing that really struck me however is that this whole blog world is like a very big playground!
Every playground can be split up into groups, the cool people, the nerds and the bully. And its no different in our virtual world.
No prizes for guessing who the bully is! He sits on top of the pile, dismissing others and picks up on anything that he feels is a mistake or is not worthy.
Well, I think we all know the identity of the blogger to whom 'Del Boy' Derek refers, but despite our recent, and well documented, difference of opinion on the calendar, Mark and I go back a long way, and I would like to say a few words in his defence.

Mark means well, he's one of the good guys, but yes, I can see why some Tweets could be seen as bullying - for example:
The water thing on the surface sounds daft but even with that I can see his view. The same as some go to the gym etc
Clearly, a thinly veiled wish that I would drown, (under the surface?, very subtle, but not much gets past me) simply for having a different opinion to him! And if that is not bad enough, he follows up with a sharp dig about getting down to the gym a little more often. Is it just me, or does everyone else see the playground bully calling me "Fatty" here?

And then there is this Tweet in reply to someone who wrote:
Do u know what,even tho I don't know u all,I live on my own & I'd be lonely without u lot.Sad I know but true.So I just wanna say thank u :)
Mark had this to say: 
Well thats a lovely thing to say
Bullying at its worst, I think we all agree, but perhaps Mark was having a bad day. Yes, wishing someone would drown, or calling them 'Mr Fatty' isn't very nice, but calling Mark a bully for a few comments that I'm sure he now regrets, is a bit much.

'Del Boy' Derek did at least get one thing right, that this is the granddaddy of the 'cool' blogs. 

And for Derek, and those who don't get my humour, the opening line, and everything else in this post come to think of it, is all very much tongue-in-cheek...


Anonymous said...

Hi Cass
Keep stirring it, a great read, far too many on here take themselves too seriously.
Think it is time we had your tuppence worth on The Sultan V Speedwave trading debate as you are surely the one best qualified to give an opinion, so please don't be shy.

derek said...

Hey Cass,

Glad you liked my post!! i do like how you write though, probably the second best blog to read behind soccer dudes and this gave me good laugh.

i do just want to say one thing though, my post was just a bit of tongue in cheek as i thought the whole "debate" was like something you would see in a playground.it was kids stuff really! I do not seriously think anyone is a bully and i certainly would not brand someone i didn't know the same as it would be highly insulting. I just used the word to show the different groups online. (maybe a poor choice on my behalf).

In fact the blogger who i was referring to who "sits on top of the pile" is not Mark at all and for the record is not a bully either.
I would not like anyone to take it up the wrong way and my apologies goes out to Mark

maybe it time to work on my writing skills :)

SoccerDude said...

I'd just like to endorse the comment about this being the second best blog behind mine :-)