Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Back To Green

"It's certainly been an interesting stock to invest in, with hardly a day going by without some news."
I wrote the above just two days ago, and so it continues, with Tesla's stock price surging by another 16% on Monday coming within a whisker of $1,800, before losing all its gains and closing at around $1,500. Never a dull moment!

At one point on Monday, the losses since February 19th were erased, but there's a saying about counting chickens which I was reminded of as the trading day came to a close.

Yesterday was a more steady day for Tesla, closing at $1,532, and with the markets all generally positive, the 146 day draw-down since February's slide is finally over after touching a nadir of -23.3% in March. 

In football, it's been a very quiet run of matches in the EPL as far as qualifiers for the Draw bets go with only four "Toss-Up" qualifiers since the hiatus, and just another five in the "Close" category. Totals for the season and all-time (adjusted to a 103% over-round) are:
We're only eight days away from Opening Day in MLB, and some of you may recall the March post where I revealed a possible weakness in the market on Opening Day related to the Favourite in Divisional games

With two-thirds of matches this year falling under into the 'Divisional' category, there are likely to be a few more qualifiers this year than usual with 24 of the 30 teams playing a Divisional rival, but this season is unique so whether the trend will continue with empty stadiums and a season starting in July remains to be seen.

NBA returns on July 30th, and the NHL on August 1st closely followed by pre-season NFL on August 13th. I suspect a few Sports Equinox records will be broken this year.  

We won't be seeing any Super Equinoxes though with the NHL and NBA playing in Canada and Orlando, but the seasons are going to get so complicated, it'd be easy to miss anyway. 

An update on a couple of recent topics. One is that the Washington Redskins have finally confirmed their name will be changed and in College Football the Pac-12 have also moved to a conference-only football schedule while the other P5 conferences (SEC, ACC and Big 12) will make their decisions later this month.

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