Monday, 20 July 2020

Buffalo Blue Jays

The Home Advantage question now has another angle in the MLB where the Blue Jays will not only be playing in an empty stadium, but will now be playing their 'Home' games in a foreign country.

Having been denied permission to host games in Toronto this year, the franchise will be temporarily moving, with Buffalo a possible venue. The good news is that Buffalo Blue Jays is a pleasant sounding alliteration, although I imagine they will officially remain the Toronto Blue Jays in the record books wherever they end up.

With only ten games until their "Home" opener, there's not much time for the Blue Jays to get organised.

The shortened 60 game season starts on Thursday. 

In the National League (the English football one, not the MLB's), six club play-offs, Home teams continued to struggle with just one win from the four regional Quarter-Final matches yesterday.

Results for the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final matches since this format was adopted are now:
With the Home clubs at the Semi-Final stage not having played a competitive match since mid-March, it may well be that the Away team with a game under their belt and coming off a confidence boosting win, will have the advantage in an empty ground.  

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